How to reverse order in excel 2007 The information from skin receptors goes on sensitive nervous fibres of type A-delta (from холодовых receptors) and With, therefore in ЦНС it reaches with different speed. The afferentnyj stream of nervous impulses from thermoreceptors arrives through back backs of a spinal cord to inserted нейронам back horns, on спиноталамическому to a path this stream reaches forward kernels таламуса, whence the part of the information after switching is spent in соматосенсорную a bark of the big hemispheres, and a part - in гипоталамические the thermoregulation centres. Influencing media even systems of various departments of a brain psychotropic preparations, it is possible to cause not only strengthening or oppression of exciting and brake processes, but also changes from mentality, intellectual working capacity and emotional behaviour of the patient. Information coding in receptors